Automotive Glass Europe® appoints new partner in the Netherlands

Automotive Glass Europe® has appointed SZA as its Partner in the Netherlands. This agreement allows SZA to offer its customers a seamless service for automotive glazing throughout Europe and takes the total number of countries covered by the Automotive Glass Europe® network to 18. 

Stefan Clijnk, chairperson of SZA said: “Insurers, leasing, fleets and private vehicle drivers will all benefit from this partnership. All it takes is for drivers to make one call to their home country to make the arrangements for glass repair or replacement, doing away with language barriers and allowing payment in their local currency.

“The advantages of being an Automotive Glass Europe® Partner also include sharing technical knowledge and best practice with our European counterparts, undoubtedly giving us a significant competitive advantage,” he added.

Founded in March 2017, SZA is a fast-growing cooperative of specialist automotive glazing operations that offers a unique approach to this market. It provides a national network of 34 member companies who are all are dedicated to the provision of automotive glazing, together with ADAS camera recalibration, and each has a passion for the business that comes from being an owner managed operation.

“What each SZA member has in common is that they are well established and respected brands in their local region, often built over many decades. This is a strength that SZA is keen to retain as it harnesses this expertise as co-operation at a national level,” confirms Stefan.

SZA comprises 38 workshops in the Netherlands with a mobile service at each location, to allow work to be undertaken at the customer premises when appropriate. Each member is a dedicated vehicle glass repair and replacement specialist providing a one-stop service for ADAS camera calibration when required.

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