COVID-19 Coronavirus Update

30th March 2020:

Circumstances are changing daily in every country affected by COVID-19 around the world. Automotive Glass Europe Partners, who represent over 7,000 glass professionals in 20 countries, are taking robust measures to ensure the safety of customers and employees whilst we continue to service essential businesses and key workers.

We recognise that automotive glass replacement is an essential support service in these challenging times, making sure emergency services, food transport and a host of other essential businesses can continue to operate their vehicles safely. As the crisis deepens in each country, AGE Partners are following the directions of their respective governments as they strive to continue delivering this essential service safely and efficiently.

Social distancing principles and new cleaning protocols have been implemented at all of our locations in line with guidance from the World Health Organisation and strict protocols are followed on isolation should a case of COVID-19 be identified in any of our operations.

We would like to provide this assurance to our customers around the world in insurance, rental and fleet organisations - you can rely on AGE Partners to remain totally committed to delivering this important service in these very difficult times, whilst ensuring the highest possible safety standards are maintained for all our employees and customers.

We are at your service.

Marco Moreno
Managing Director (AGE) Automotive Glass Europe

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